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About us

The Livebetting Experts

Monetos is a Danish betting podcasts, which was established in 2020. Some of the most respected and successful Danish sportsbettors are in the Monetos team, and in the autumn 2021 we started to offer paid betting services to all of our listeners and followers.

See the Members of the Monetos Live Team below.

Mads Kindberg Nielsen

Mads has a very strong analytical mind from his time as a professional poker player and now full-time sportsbettor for five years and counting – focusing more and more on livebetting during that span. Been a public expert with great results at most of the Danish betting sites.

His primary hunting ground is the 2. Bundesliga in Germany, but his livewagers can be on any market as big as the Premier League.

If it doesn’t make dollars,
it doesn't make sense.

Tonni Munk Jensen

Tonni has worn almost any cap you can wear in the betting industry in his over 20 years of experience, working for three different bookmakers as odds manager. He is the co-founder of the Danish site Spilxperten and knows everything you need to know about all the Danish leagues. Don’t let you fool by his calmness – he is a betting shark and will present you with great investment opportunities.

The deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck

Steffen Dam

Steffen has been the ‘godfather of sportsbetting’ for over two decades in Denmark. He is very strong in analyzing soccer games and tactics and can process all the details faster than a Lamborghini accelerates.

That skill is very handy in livebetting, where you must act fast and be one step in front all the time. Knows a club from within from his many years as director of football in the Danish 2. Division club FA2000.

Knowledge is the path to success

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